Thursday, July 15, 2010

Dick Cheney's on the Internet(s)

US News and World's Paul Bedard spoke with the former Vice President's daughter recently--inquiring about her father's new found tech-y edge:

As vice president, Dick Cheney never carried a BlackBerry, didn't E-mail or carry a laptop, and really never searched the Internet. An icon of the old school, he's also writing his biography on yellow pads which his daughter Liz Cheney then downloads into a computer. "He's a little set in his ways," she says.

But other than the authorship, times are changing for the veep. "I hate to disappoint you, but he does use all of those things now," she says. Awkwardly. In his early E-mails to Liz, he would open with: "Dear Liz, this is your father speaking." Says Liz, "He's getting a little bit better at the E-mail."

Maybe sometime soon we'll see him on Facebook with former President Bush. (And we're glad to hear he's doing well post-surgery.)

But one question remains. If Mr. Vice President just started using all these new technologies, what was here doing here at the 2005 State of the Union address?

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