Friday, November 20, 2009

Video Game Calls Obama a Failure

I can't believe there are people out there who would actually play this game. With President Obama's popularity sliding below 50 percent this week, it's understandable that there are people in America who think President Obama is doing a lousy job. Well one person has turned his dissatifaction with the Obama administration into a video game--20011: Obama's Coup Fails.

I actually saw the game a few months back, but assumed it was just a small group of people playing this poorly designed, very basic computer game. Apparently I was wrong.

Michael Russotto is the only mastermind out of 8 people behind the game not afraid to reveal his identity. He says over 13,000 members have already signed on, and hundreds of people play everyday. Michael is one of Obama’s harshest critics. “He is purposely destroying the economy of the United States,” says Michael. “The policies that he is enacting, it’s a guarantee of destroying us.”

This entire attitude is put in “2011: Obama’s coup fails”. Raids, skirmishes, assaults, hacker attacks and riots are at a player’s disposal as they try to win the game by fighting Obama and his troops. With player nicknames such as “fascism rising”, “osama” and “saddam”, critics call the game a promotion of domestic terrorism. But Michael Russotto explains that the game is not as violent as it may seem.

“Not one person in the Obama administration is killed, no one is assassinated,” Michael told RT. “They get captured … by American citizens who don’t want the United States to become any kind of dictatorship.”

And may I ask why you would continue to promote a video game that requires you to work behind a METAL DOOR in an UNDISCLOSED LOCATION in New York?
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