Thursday, November 19, 2009

The New School

We just finished taping this week's edition of The New School with Charles Ellison. The topic of discussion today is President Obama's fading popularity. We examine his sliding numbers among women specifically. Is there some sort of Sarah Palin effect happening? Is the President simply out of touch with the female populous? Pollster Thomas Riehle and Denver Magazine's Gloria Neal discuss.

As always, the New School keeps the roundtable lively with a vibrant discussion about Attorney General Eric Holder's testimony on Capitol Hill regarding the 9/11 terror trials. Should KSM have to face a military tribunal instead of a civil trial? On a lighter note, Sarah Palin's media blitz, is it a blessing in disguise for the GOP? And finally, the new mammogram recommendations. Could this be a study orchestrated by the insurance companies for their own gain? Is rationing a legitimate concern among American women? We bring in Silver Star Art Studio VP, April Tabor, and CEO of the Penny Institute, Brian Taylor.

Find out this Saturday on POTUS (Sirius 110/ XM 130) and The Power (XM 169)
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