Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Obama Popularity Dips Below 50 for First Time

From the AFP:
"The Quinnipiac University poll showed 48 percent of Americans approve of the way Obama is handling his job as president, compared to 42 percent who disapprove.

The president also scored low marks from Americans on his handling of the situation in Afghanistan, with just 38 percent saying they approved of his approach, but a majority did say it was the "right thing" for US troops to be in the country."
Newsweek had an interesting article discussing President Obama's popularity declining among women. POTUS host Charles Ellison references the historical relationship between black men and white women affecting the President's loss of support in that block, but I think if you're going to go down that road, you need to also discuss the relationship between black women and white women in America.

It's debatable as to whether the GOP is using activist images to inflame some historically troubled relationship between two sects of the American public. It's a tricky accusation to say this is a strategic move from the GOP, but I do agree that white women are losing faith in the President. Women helped put Obama in the White House, but like the young voters who also came out to support him, the number of remaining supporters are dwindling. However, support among black women remains high.

Here you have an administration that includes high-powered, successful, and independent black women in some of the most visible positions. You have UN Ambassador Susan Rice, domestic policy adviser Melody Barnes, senior adviser Valerie Jarrett, and the newly confirmed Surgeon General. Not to mention the most visible black women at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue--Michelle Obama. Mrs. Obama has been asserting herself as a force in the administration and has even been put on the trail to help push for health reform.

So what of the historical tension between black and white women? Could the visibility of strong, independent black women, especially FLOTUS, be one reason for the President's decling in support from white women?

Just something to think about...
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