Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Tuesday Blogcasts

Sorry I'm late posting today. I'm sure everyone else is scrambling to get their stuff together before Thanksgiving weekend!

First up...more details regarding tonight's state dinner at the White House are leaking out. Academy award winner, Jennifer Hudson is schedule to perform. Oprah's show is going off the air, but not without nabbing another big time interview. And the RNC is being turned on its head.

To call a carry-out food store "Obama's Fried Chicken" is offensive enough, but to feature it in a music video? And former Bush flack, Ari Fleischer, is stepping up to bat for the Bowl Championship Series.

The Governator!! What will we do when he leaves office?

And if you love "The Office" on NBC, imagine what "The Briefing" would sound like!

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