Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Obama gets some "Help" from Octavia Spencer

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President Obama’s campaign is getting some help from one of the actresses from The Help! Octavia Spencer hit the trail for President Obama over the weekend, according to The Root. They write, “Spencer, wearing a 2012 T-shirt under a dark blazer and a pin with the president's image on it, chatted, joked and took pictures with the 30 or so patrons and visitors at Heads Up Barber Shop in Charlotte. When someone said, "I loved you in that movie. Where's the pie?" Spencer answered, "You don't want me to cook.”  But she is serious when it comes to the election, "We cannot forget to show up in November -- otherwise, it's going to be back to where it was in 1980, and trickle-down effect," she said. More from The Root.

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