Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Obama does damage control for the First Lady

President Obama was trying to do some damage control for the First Lady. In an Iowa radio interview, he tried to set the record straight on his wife's ribbing of Gabby Douglas for eating McDonalds after her gold medal win (video above)."You know, the truth is the first lady was teasing Jay Leno, not Gabby, because Gabby can afford anything because she’s so fit," Obama said in an interview with KSTZ-FM in Des Moines. "But the first lady’s been getting on Jay Leno a little bit about getting some exercise." He also talked about back to school shopping for Sasha and Malia. "I've got to admit, Michelle doesn’t trust me with all that stuff. She's just better organized than I am," Obama said. "My general theory is, you know, they look fine. You know, why do they need new stuff?" he asked. More from Politico’s 44.

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