Tuesday, August 14, 2012

DJs for Obama

In a new web video released Tuesday, the Obama campaign announced the launch of DJs for Obama. "DJs are about motivation, inspiration, celebration. That's why I think it makes such perfect sense to not only celebrate this man, but to motivate people to reelect him," said New York City's DJ Cassidy. They've enlisted a number of DJs for the effort including Steve Aoki, rapper-turned-DJ D-Nice and DJ Rashida, who tours with Cee Lo Green. The DJs are encouraging other artistic types to use their talents to help the campaign. "If you're a painter, paint a campaign poster, if you're a sewer, sew a campaign t-shirt. Use what you have to contribute," DJ Cassidy says in a campaign video announcing the initiative (video above). "Four years is great. Eight is what we need." More from Politico’s 44.
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