Friday, June 22, 2012

Joe Biden calls Oregon grad

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Vice President Joe Biden surprised recent graduate Carly Burns with a phone call after meeting her parents at a California fundraiser. The Sacramento Bee reports, "Hello, this is Vice President Joe Biden," the caller said she thought it was a joke. Well, it wasn't. Carly's mother and father, Dina and Michael Burns, had shaken Biden's hand minutes earlier at a fundraiser in the Sutter Club. They mentioned that their daughter had just graduated from the University of Oregon, had studied abroad in Tunisia, had been inspired by him and had kept a newspaper from Election Day 2008 on the wall of her room. "He said, Oh get her on the phone." After two or three minutes, the conversation was over, a simple exchange in what seems to be an endless trail of fundraising and campaigning leading up to the November presidential election. More from the Sacramento Bee.
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