Monday, June 25, 2012

Former NY Governor's "bad" birthday gift

Photo Credit: Mario Cuomo Twitter Account
Former New York governor Mario Cuomo has, for some reason, never sat for an official portrait, resulting in a sad, empty space on the wall of Albany's Hall of Governors. But no more. Daily Intel says, Cuomo's friends secretly commissioned an oil-on-canvas painting based on a 1989 photograph of the politician, and then they had his son, current governor Andrew Cuomo, present it to him as a belated birthday gift. According to an aide present for the surprise unveiling, which took place during an Executive Mansion gathering of campaign alumni, the elder Cuomo wasn't totally thrilled. "I didn't want a portrait, I didn't ask for a portrait," he said during a brief address. However, by the end, he was willing to admit to at least "liking" the thing. More from NY Mag's Daily Intel.
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