Wednesday, May 25, 2011

The Duchess Meets the FLOTUS

The two fashion power houses met on Tuesday and of course the question on everyone's mind...what did they wear?!

Kate Middleton wore a flattering taupe Reiss dress. And while any designer would love to have a royal endorsement (especially from the new, young Duchess), Middleton's wardrobe choice crashed the Reiss website. A Reiss spokesperson said that traffic to the site increased by over 300 percent when news broke that the duchess had worn their taupe Shola dress to the meeting with the POTUS and the FLOTUS. The dress retails for $340 and quickly sold out. The designer tweeted about their technical difficulties on Tuesday, writing, “Due to unprecedented demand, Shola mania has crashed our website! We are endeavouring to bring the Reiss brand back to you ASAP!”

In other fashion news, Michelle Obama wore an ivory floor-length Tom Ford gown to the state banquet at Buckingham Palace Tuesday. The BBC was live-blogging the details entire event, including Ms. Obama’s accessories. The gown, which showed “off her figure” was paired with elbow length gloves and a large bow at the waist. The POTUS wore white tie and tails.
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