Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Sen. Shumer Got Dissed...By Snooki

When I heard Snooki was going to be in Washington, DC this week, it didn’t cross my mind that politicians would have any idea she was just down the street from the Capitol. The Jersey Shore star was in town on for the Washington Auto Show and, upon arriving at Reagan National Airport, she happened to cross paths with Senator Chuck Schumer on Monday. Paparazzi, spotting them in the same vicinity, tried to get the two together. Judging from the video Senator Schumer seemed intrigued and lingered around to say hello. Snooki, meanwhile, wasn't that interested, choosing to pose for photos and sign autographs instead, despite the pleas from photographers. Once Schumer had moved on, someone explained to Snooks that he’d been there. She simply replied, "Oh really?"

And there’s be this strange Twitter exchange going on between Snooki and Senator McCain for months, but a spokesperson for the senator said they wouldn’t meet while she was is in town. Having said Snooki was too pretty to go to jail in the past, Senator McCain was probably the most qualified person in the city to judge the Snooki look-alike contest last evening.

How either of these Senators were even aware of her time in Washington will remain a mystery to me.

Snookie Ignores Her Senator Charles Schumer from PAPSFIRST on Vimeo.

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