Thursday, February 3, 2011

Happy Groundhog Day From Mayor Bloomberg

Well I guess this is definitely one way to get the groundhog to see his shadow.

New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg had some choice words for the city's beloved groundhog, Staten Island Chuck. According to the New York Daily News Chuck took a bite out of Bloomberg two years ago and the mayor wasn't looking to repeat history. The paper captured video of Bloomberg cursing the creature while explaining how relieved he was to not have to stick his hand in a dark hole to coax Chuck out.

"I love the plunger," Bloomberg said. "That was so much better than having to reach in and let the little sonofabitch bite you."

Chuck did not attack the Mayor at Wednesday morning's event and Bloomberg even claimed the groundhog did not see its shadow (early Spring!)

The Mayor told the paper Thursday morning that he didn't remember using any salty language - but then joked he would have been justified in doing so.

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