Thursday, January 6, 2011

Ted Haggard Gets a Show

Because why not?

Ted Haggard, the former head of the National Association of Evangelicals who had an affair with a male prostitute, is heading to TLC.

The station, which is also home to “Sarah Palin’s Alaska,” will be airing “Ted Haggard: Scandalous” as a one-hour special, according to Entertainment Weekly.

In a statement, Haggard said, “My family and I endured the darkest hours imaginable in the public spotlight, and have spent the last four years fighting and struggling to rebuild our lives, our faith and our family.”

The show is scheduled to air Jan. 16 and, according to EW, could lead to a whole series if it pulls in enough eyeballs.

In the special, Haggard shares plans start a new ministry in Colorado Springs. “Showing the world the new chapter of our lives will hopefully inspire others to find their own path to overcome their struggles and embrace the power of acceptance. The church is open to all, even those who have committed the darkest sins,” Haggard said.
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