Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Presidential Flippy-Floppys

Horror of all horrors. The terrorists have won...President Obama was spotted on vacation wearing flip-flops!!

More outrage from the NY Post:
Historians agreed it was the first time they could remember seeing the leader of the free world snapped in a public setting, wearing nothing more than a flimsy strip of rubber on his feet.

While Ronald Reagan was famously snapped strutting on his way to Camp David in his cowboy boots and John F. Kennedy was no stranger to sailing in his deck shoes, the picture of Obama tooling around an ice-cream shop with his toes on full display seems be a first for the presidency.

Capping off his Hawaiian vacation, President Obama earlier this week sports an uber-casual look finished with a pair of flipflops, favored by his core demographic: college kids.

"I can't say I've seen a president's toes before. This could be a very usual thing," said presidential historian Jane Hampton Cook, author of an upcoming children's book "What Does the President Look Like?"
Post, don't you think it's a bit much to be consulting Presidential historians about the President's choice of footwear? That's a question they should be asking me!!

This is NOT the first time the presidential tootsies have made an appearance. He was spotted wearing mandals over the summer. However, flip flops? Let Sasha and Malia handle the Obama toe-bearing Mr. President.
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