Thursday, November 11, 2010

Michelle Obama's Handshake Heard 'Round the World

Earlier this week, Michelle Obama caused a stir after shaking the hand of an Indonesian minister, in what might become the world's most talked about handshake. (I think it's become an Obama tradition of sorts to turn simple greetings with foreign dignitaires into news. You remember the bow? And FLOTUS touching the Queen!)

The New York Times
reports, “Immediately after a ceremony on Tuesday welcoming President Obama to Indonesia, the country’s conservative Muslim information minister took to Twitter to argue that first lady, Michelle Obama, was entirely to blame for the televised handshake between the two. The minister claimed on his Twitter feed that Mrs. Obama had made it impossible for him to avoid touching her hand, writing: “I tried to prevent [being touched] with my hands but Mrs. Michelle held her hands too far toward me [so] we touched.”

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