Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Tuesday's Morning Briefing

Good Morning Everyone! Tim Farley's out this week. (Thanks to him for making my solo producing job last week a piece of cake.) Anyway, there's lots to talk about this morning and it's shaping up to be another interesting week in politics.

Senator Harry Reid made some controversial remarks yesterday on the Senate floor and Senate GOPers are using his comments in the health care debate. Also, check out this new video making it's rounds on the web..."I Guess I'm a Racist."

The 32nd Annual Kennedy Center Honors took place in Washington on Sunday. The event was all glitz and glamor, but rest assured that security was tighter than usual--thanks to the Voldemorts.

And your daily dose of Sarah Palin news. Today's edition includes a healthy serving of tomatoes and a battle of the campaigns.

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