Thursday, October 14, 2010

The Dating Game...

I hope you've put on your Sunday best because Politico's playing...The Dating Game....
Just a day after Hillary Clinton was crowned the most popular politician, she made it onto another list, nabbing a spot as one of the most datable politicians in a survey conducted by online dating site, Zoosk.

Zoosk polled 1,000 singles about politics and love to find out which politicians they deemed datable and whether an inclination towards tea party views made someone hot or not.

The findings? Tall, toothy Californian Gavin Newsom was crowned the most datable male politician with 33 percent of the female vote, while Sarah Palin won most datable female politician, with 32 percent of the male vote.
Coming in behind Mr. California were President Obama with 24 percent, Sen. Scott Brown grabbing 15 percent, Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger with 14 percent and John Edwards at 5 percent. (Yes, you read that correctly.)

In the political dames department, the men seemed to prefer bespectacled brown-haired Republican women. Christine O'Donnell nabbed the silver medal right behind Palin with 22 percent of the vote. Next up was Democrat M. Teresa Ruiz from New Jersey with 18 percent, followed by Hillary Clinton with six percent and Condoleezza Rice with five percent.

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